Photo Salla Kuuluvainen

Markus Luukkonen is a storyteller and performing artist from Finland. He has been studying performing arts in Helsinki and he has worked as a storyteller since 2007. Love for the art of storytelling and love for those magical words “Once Upon a Time..” has took him for many adventures and places. In 2008-2009 he travelled 20 months seeking, telling and writing stories. His journey took him from Helsinki to Australia by land and by sea. After the journey he has started to tell more personal stories and fictitious tales inspired by his own life and experiences.

He is a founder member of Finnish Storytelling Association called Samova Ry and also a founder member and storyteller of touring Storytelling Theatre called Erämaateatteri (Wilderness Theatre). One of the aims of Erämaateatteri is to seek new ways of storytelling and in their performances they combine fine arts, shadow theatre, music and traditional oral storytelling.  Markus works as a solo performer and workshop leader, and also as part of different storytelling collaborations. He has recently been working with the international storytelling company 3Troubadours.

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