Erämaateatteri on Tour

Photo Matti Kokkonen

Storytelling Theatre Erämaateatteri (Wilderness Theatre) is on tour on Eastern-Finland. Erämaateatteri travels on Legendary road number six from Helsinki to Eno and back. Story Tent will rise here and there and from somewhere are seeked those magical words: “Once upon a time..” And storytelling may begin…




9.8. Snellman-Korkeakoulu, Helsinki

11.8. Linnoituksen Yö, Lappeenranta

12.8. Papinniemi Camping, Uukuniemi

14.8. Enon Louhitalo, Eno

17.-18.8. KontuFolk, Joutseno


Mr Greeno & Mr Reddo

Mr Greeno & Mr Reddo: Exit Ladder

Mr Greeno and Mr Reddo are wandering around and seeking for Exit in Kotka Maritime Festival on Friday 27.July.
Street performance will start at 3PM from Kotkas’s Osuuspankki and will travel through the city to the roof terrace of maritime museum Vellamo.

Mr Greeno: Thomas Pryke
Mr Reddo: Markus Luukkonen

Production: Teatteria Kaupunkiin


15.6. Guadalajara, Spain

I am wanting, I am thinking
To arise and go forth singing…

Mieleni minun tekevi, aivoni ajattelevi
Lähteäni laulamahan,
saa’ani sanelemahan…


13.6. Helsinki

Travelling slowly is my way. For six years I haven’t travelled by aeroplane. Still I have visited three continents and 18 countries. I think aeroplanes are too fast and too cheap comparing to travelling over land and sea. And why we are so busy? Why we have to be somewhere else immediately?
But today I will fly..