I’m So Here – A Storywalk Performance

Story Sharing Universum presents

I’m So Here – A Storywalk performance about identity

In this strange place I ended up in…

do I look the same?

do I feel the same?

do I think the same?

do I act the same?

is this still me?

I´m So Here is a series of performances whose main themes are the individual and cultural identities from the perspective of the newcomer. How have I been received in the country and society where I moved or fled, and how has it affected me? What do I carry with me from my background and how do I and my identity change in the new culture and who then have I become?

I´m So Here invites to an immersive experience outside the walls of a traditional theater. The performances consist of site-specific story walks in which viewers get to experience the stories of the performers in different outdoor locations around Helsinki. The different environments influence the mood of the performances and takes the audience on a journey of discovery. As with all Story Sharing Universum performances, here too the audience has the opportunity to participate.

Part 1: Särkiniemi, Lauttasaari. Performances 14.8, 15.8, 22.8 at 4 PM

Directed by Max Bremer, Markus Luukkonen and Åsa Nybo.

Free entrance / Limited audience capacity / Obligatory pre-booking


Performance language: English

Please note that the route of the performance is easy to walk but has restricted accessibility

Produced by: Story Sharing Universum & Theatre House Universum

Supported by: Svenska Kulturfonden, Art Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska Teaterföreningen i Finland, Samuel Huberin taidesäätiö, Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond, Helsinki City and William Thurings stiftelse.





Timezone Story Sharing Café

Welcome to the Global Timezone Story Sharing Café!

In these times of isolation we want to reach out to the world and meet people living in different timezones to share stories together and get connected.

Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities can meet and share everyday stories. So grab your coffee or tea and come and share stories and memories in small groups at our virtual coffee tables hosted by members of our Story Sharing group. We also have live music and an open storysharing mic!

Event’s language is English.


Oct 2nd 2020 at 7pm (UCT: +3:00)

Nov 7th 2020 at 8pm (UCT: +5:30)

Dec 5th 2020 at 6pm (UCT: -4:00)

Jan 15 2021 at 7pm (UCT: +1:00)

Of course everybody from everywhere else are also welcome join – Just check your local time!

There is limited space in this café so please register in advance:


We would be hosting the event on ZOOM for the best experience please download the ZOOM App. Since this is an interactive event participants are required to have the camera and video on for the event.

Organized by Story Sharing Universum project in cooperation with Theatre House Universum from Helsinki, Finland. Event is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and Helsinki City.

More info

Rest in Peace

Venus Theatre continues its series of trance mask performances with a new, participatory journey into other states of mind. Rest in Peace is a spiritual voyage of discovery, to explore rites, rituals and ceremonies, and to find ways to use them, in the mundane and the sacred, in the here, and in the hereafter.

Are you prepared to step into the past and the future, to let go of something you know and to pick up something new? Would you like to celebrate your divorce, or your children stepping out into the world? Maybe you would like to experience your own funeral?

The Masks are time travellers, healers, shamans, physicians, priests, therapists, masters of ceremony, confessors, mourners. They will lead us across to the other side, to an unknown future, or to an unfulfilled past. They are here to serve.

Rest in Peace is performed by Max Bremer, Paul Holländer, Sam Huber, Markus Luukkonen and Åsa Nybo. The masks have been crafted by Anna Uschanov, and the performance is visualized by Ada Halonen and Anttoni Halonen.

Rest in Peace is a mobile and multilingual performance.
Rest in Peace premieres on the 28th of September, and runs from 2. 10. through 2. 11. 2019.

There are few performances and the audience is strictly limited, so we recommend urgent action!

Tickets: https://www.tiketti.fi/teatteri-venus-rest-in-peace-universum-helsinki-lippuja/64075

Origin of Pain

Kalevala Heritage 360 is a project that explores the combination of oral storytelling with the latest 360 degree technology. Storytellers Markus Luukkonen and Mikael Öberg have collaborated with filmmaker Andrew Macdonald from Exhibit Scotland and created two short films where fragments of the traditional Kalevala source material is told in Finnish locations relevant to the stories. Read more…

Once upon a time VANTAA


In Vantaa Story Sharing Café celebrates local stories from history and present. Events are also a unique opportunity to contribute to local street art.

Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities can meet and share everyday stories. You can come alone or bring a friend and share stories and memories in small groups at coffee tables hosted by members of our Story Sharing group. We also have some special storytelling guests and an open story sharing mic. We speak at least English, Finnish, Arabic, Kurdish, Hindi, Farsi, Swedish, French and Russian.

During the event, participants can write their own local greetings to special made postcards from the area. From these cards Street Art Vantaa will make new local street art.

Event is free of charge. Reservations: universum@universum.fi

Länsimäki: Sunday 5.5. at 16–18.30,
Länsimäki Järjestötila (Kilpakuja 1)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/881394468858453/

Mikkola: Friday 10.5. at 18–20.30,
Mikkola school (Lyyra building) dining room (Lyyranpolku 2)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2308375746153807/

Havukoski/Koivukylä: Saturnday 11.5. at 16–18.30,
Habibi Café (Hakopolku 2)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/274207050197156/

Martinlaakso: Friday 7.6. klo 18–20.30,
Cultural House Martinus / Kulttuuritalo Martinus (Martinlaaksontie 36)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2255807034439992/

Hakunila: more information later

Organized by: City of Vantaa, Street Art VAntaa and the Story Sharing Universum.

Continue the Story

Love Stories

@ The National Museum of Finland
Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki
Feb 27th at 16:00-19:30

Do you remember any ghost stories from your childhood? What stories do your clothes tell? What is your sauna biography like? Come and listen to stories and share your own with us!

The Continue the Story event centred around stories will be held for the first time at the National Museum of Finland on the eve of Kalevala Day, Wednesday, 27 February, from 4 pm to 7.30 pm.

The workshops start at 4 pm, and the event kicks off with a heart-warming opening ceremony under the frescoes in the central hall at 5 pm. The pop duo Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth will perform at the opening ceremony, along with storyteller Wilson Kirwa, wailer Emmi Kuittinen and talented young people from the folk music department at Sibelius Academy, who will perform a polyphonic and multi-lingual piece.

The event will comprise storytelling in numerous story workshops around the museum, featuring stories about love, family, objects, skills and embarrassing situations – the entire spectrum of human life. The workshops will be hosted by experts who have their own stories on the theme up their sleeve.

Everyone is welcome to come and tell their story in the workshops! Admission to the event is free.


Rakkaustarinat / Love stories

Stories of crushes large and small, tragic separations and surprising meetings. Do you remember your first kiss? Come to the workshop to listen and share stories about love. The workshop will be led by storyteller Markus Luukkonen. In cooperation with Samova Storytelling.

Restaurant hall Karhunpesä, ground floor, 5.45 pm and 6.30 pm.

The fascinating story workshops take over the museum


Roots – A Work in Progress

Rootrs_WorkInProgress3Troubadours is a trio of performance storytellers from different countries: Tom Van Outryve (BE), Markus Luukkonen (FI) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO). In May 2015 they created and performed the show MOBILE DREAMS in Ghent. From then they have travelled all over Europe with that first creation to great acclaim from audiences.

The 18th of October 2018 they are returning to Ghent to perform a work in progress version of their upcoming show ROOTS! In the show all three performers have dug far back into their individual family histories, the legends of their cultures and even their own DNA to find forgotten tales and memories of who we are and where we come from. With their signature humour, energetic performance and deep sense of wonder, 3Troubadours will take you to places and times you’ve never been before.

The work in progress performance will be in English, spiced with the native tongues of the performers

ROOTS – a Work in Progress

Wasserij, Toekomstraat 38, Gent, Belgium

October 18th at 19:30


Thanks for supporting the development of ROOTS




Cloak of Air on Tour




22/9 Gävle City Library, Sweden

29/10–2/11 Svenska Nu  School tour, Helsinki 

21.11. Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki



Cloak of Air (Vindmantel – Ilman viitta)

In a distant time, in a distant place, a powerful magician gives birth. Already the first night, the child is bathed in water from a holy well and dressed in magic spells. But will that be enough to protect it from all the dangers lying in wait?

A dreamlike journey from the cradle to the grave and further still. Mikael Öberg and Markus Luukkonen reimagines the world of the Finnish epic Kalevala.

Language on this tour: Swedish & Finnish

Production: Fabula Storytelling