Thank You Scotland

East-London Street, Edinburgh


This Autumn me and my dear partner Anna Uschanov got possibility to work in Artist Residency in Edinburgh. We were the last artists in Art Promotion Centre Finland’s residency in East-London Street. Two months we spent in the middle of active Scottish storytelling scene. Scotland and strong traditions, England and buzzing storytelling club-scene with growing performance storytelling style. As a Finnish artist I look from my own point of view and I link my art somewhere between.

Thanks for Scottish Storytelling Centre and SISF2016 -festival. Great moments, good conversations and a lot of inspiration. For me the highlight of the festival week was one of the first Open Hearth events at Netherbow Theatre, In my mind I can still hear echoes of those stories told by Amina Blackwood, Michael Kerins and Beatriz Quintana Valle.

Thanks for Janis Mackay & Beverley Bryant for possibility to share ideas and to see your work as storytellers and mentors with apprenticeship storytellers. With the system of apprenticeship and mentors, new Scottish storytellers are linked on a long tradition and the stream of generations. I think that the strength of the tradition in Scotland is quite uniq in storytelling scene in Europa. Scottish scene has still old tradition bearers in whom family the role of a storyteller has been passed on for generations. I am privileged that I got opportunity to spent some days with Seannachie Seoras MacPherson. Thanks Douglas Mackay for the invitation to perform in the Inverness Storytelling festival. And thanks for Seoras for all those stories and seeds of inspiration you shared with us!

I feel that in the heart of Scottish storytelling is sharing, participation, tradition. It was interesting to see some differencies between the scenes in England and Scotland. Many thanks for Litfest for the invitation to perform in Lancaster and thanks for Dominic Kelly for stimulating conversations over a whisky bottle.

Storytelling today, it’s fascinating. I see that in different places, groups and venues storytelling is used in different ways and from different basis and for many kind of audiences and target groups. It’s not just tradition bearing, it’s not a museal art form. In many places one can find storytellers and artist who do experiments and develop the art of storytelling to new fields, both as performance and community art.

As I see the history and tradition I can see my self and my art from a different point of view. I hope that I will do what I do, without binding it to the borders that say that this is storytelling and this is not. I hope that I’m brave enough to cross the unseen borders and I hope I’m able to challenge my self as an artist and storyteller. Anyway behind all the different styles and ways to you use storytelling I see that there’s common bottomline – storytelling speaks from people to people and in the end it’s all about the connection.

Let the rehearsals go on

– and let’s continue the conversation!

Big thanks for Art Promotion Centre Finland!



Hello Scotland!

From the Woods
From the Woods

Scotland, England & Wales! 

Just got my new passport and now It’s time to back my bag.

For October and November I’ll be working in artist residency in Edinburgh (and travel and perform a bit around the UK.)


If you’re looking for some interesting Finnish storytelling for your event, I’m here or there! Or if you want to chat about storytelling, ask me for a coffee or a drink!

See you around!

The residency is supported by Art Promotion Centre Finland and I’ll share the time there with my dear partner: fine artist & visual theatre maker Anna Uschanov.

Examples of my performances:

From the Woods – Stories from Finland

About Seven Hills – Collaboration project with Anna Uschanov

Contact me:


Sama suomeksi – Same in Finnish


Mobile Dreams – Trailer



Collaboration! Three nationalities, three brothers and four languages! Something happened on 2015 and something will happen on May 2016.

A funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of four languages (English, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three performers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal, all connected by the language of dreams.
By Torgrim Mellum Stene, Markus Luukkonen and Tom Van Outryve

Belgium & The Netherlands


3Troubadours are riding again! People of Belgium and the Netherlands, we are touring near you in May. Our show “Mobile Dreams” will be played in select venues in both countries from the 20th – 30th of May. Follow our page for updates on when and where.

Audience feedback from our Scandinavian tour August 2015:

“A lovely mix of different languages, dreams and emotions”

“Your show and the stories you told stayed with me for many days, and they touched something important in me”

“It is always good to experience when artists are able to combine humour and seriousness, light and darkness, and dares to show vulnerability”

“Great stories. Great Troubadours. I want more!”

See you in May!

Love from Markus, Tom and Torgrim

About Seven Hills


About Seven Hills – Noin seitsemän kukkulaa

About seven hills is a sketch of a city made by fine artist and storyteller. In this performance  city is constructed of perceptions, experiences, places, visual and auditory telling. Performance combines drawing, video projections and storytelling.

Working group: Markus Luukkonen & Anna Uschanov

Premiere: 17.1.2016

Pilot perfromance @ Natale Racconta Festival, Rome 

 17.1.Kahvila Koroinen, Koroistentie 2, Turku
 19.1. Teatteri Toivo, Telakkakatu 6, Helsinki
 29.1. Pitäjämäki, Helsinki
 30.1. Laajasalo, Helsinki
 6.2. Martin Kulttuuriolohuone, Stålarminkatu 3, Turku
 12.2. Raunistula, Turku
 13.2. Raunistula, Turku

Shaibalaiba! Story Café Special


Shaibalaiba! Story Café Special – Stories in English

Wed 14.10. at 6pm

Arkadia International Bookshop, Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki

Shaibalaiba! Story Café goes international again at the Arkadia Bookshop! We will hear stories and songs in English — and who knows, maybe in some other language too!

Maria Vatanen, Alireza Abdi Montaz and Markus Luukkonen

The musician and host: Carla-Rose Häkkinen.

After the guests have spoken, the stage is yours! Share your story, fairy tale, anecdote, memory, song… In English. You and your friends are warmly welcome!

Voluntary entrance fee.

3Troubadours – Mobile Dreams

3troubadours3Troubadours present “Mobile Dreams”

– Storytelling performance which we will be touring with in Scandinavia from the 5th to the 22nd of August 2015.

A poetic, funny and warm storytelling performance for adults about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of four languages (English, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch) the three perfomers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal, all connected by the language of dreams. No performance is exactly the same, there is always an element of improvisation present, and everywhere they go, the 3Troubadours work together with a new local musician.

Audience feedback the pilot performance in Ghent, Belgium 9th of May:
“It was super!”
“It was so fun to hear the mix of languages, it really added something great.”
“I am very happy I came”

(Duration: 90 minutes + interval)

3Troubadours is a collaboration between the performance storytellers Markus Luukkonen (FI), Tom van Outryve (BE) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO).