Kalevala Heritage 360

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Kalevala Heritage 360 is a project that explores the combination of oral storytelling with the latest 360 degree technology. Storytellers Markus Luukkonen and Mikael Öberg have collaborated with filmmaker Andrew Macdonald from Exhibit Scotland and created two short films where fragments of the traditional Kalevala source material is told in Finnish locations relevant to the stories. The immersive quality of 360 degree film technology gives interesting possibilities to tell stories deeply connected with specific places, and to invite people to actually step into these environments. The project aims to give international audiences a way into the Kalevala heritage of stories, songs, poems and magic spells through watching 360 degree storytelling films online.

The first film, Creation, is a variant of the creation myth found in the Kalevala, where the world is made from the pieces of a broken egg. The second film, Origin of pain, is a new composition by Mikael and Markus, based on fragments of poems and magic spells from the archives of the Finnish Literature Society, in which a sorceress through the act of storytelling tracks down the roots of a hero’s mysterious pain and then proceeds to do battle with it.

The project is a starting point for bringing together storytellers, other artists and academics in an endeavour to create a website containing not only 360 degree films but also texts, images and audio recordings, all relating to the Finnish Kalevala heritage.



A VR headset is needed to watch the films in full 360 degree format.

Production: Samova Storytelling

Support: Federation for European Storytelling / Co-funded by the Creative Europe Progamme of the European Union


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