A trio of performance storytellers:                                                       3troubadoursMarkus Luukonen (Finland), Tom van Outryve (Belgium), Torgrim Mellum Stene (Norway)

3Troubadours are three performers with different qualities and strengths. They  met as part of LABO, a yearly laboratory for research and development for professional European storytellers. The group was formed in Ghent in Belgium in May 2015.

Mobile Dreams

Their first performance together is “Mobile Dreams”,  a poetic, funny and warm storytelling show for adults about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of English spiced with their native tongues (Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three performers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal all connected by the language of dreams.



June 9.-12. WORDS FESTIVAL, Denmark

Mobile Dreams UK Tour - Arpil 2017 

Newhaven / Nottingham / Pwllheli / Birmingham / Sidmouth 
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Hebden Bridge / Blackburn 
April 7.-9. BERÄTTARFESTIVALEN, Skellefteå, Sweden

Belgium and the Netherlands Tour – May 2016 

Vinderhoute / Brakel / Brugge / Kapellen
Amsterdam / Gent / Belsele / Den Haag
Scandinavian Tour – August 2015

Helsinki / Turku /Tampere / Vaasa
Trondheim / Vinstra / Oslo / Finnskogen
Stockholm / Järna 

 * Audience feedback for Mobile Dreams:

«Superb performance and real heartwarming» – RBLVK, Amsterdam

«Magical! This performance makes you realise that myths are not only symbols of ancient times, but that we are all living them in our own way as a part of a timeless circle.» – Inge V., Den Haag

«A lovely mix of different languages, dreams and emotions» – Johan T., Stockholm

«It’s always good to experience when artists are able to combine humour and seriousness, light and darkness and dare to show vulnerability» – Mette M., Oslo