Helsinki – January 2008

Dear friend!

“The longest journey starts with a single step” – Laotse-

I have a dream to step on a path. A path through the world of stories, journey from Helsinki to Uluru, to the sacred rock of Australian aboriginals. Travel to the border of the Dreamtime and the awakening of myths. My plan is to travel over land and sea, with trains, busses and boats. Doing my best to avoid airplanes. I’ll leave Helsinki at February’s Full moon with a train to Moscow, Irkutsk, Beijing – trying to reach Australia and Uluru one day.

On my journey I would like to listen the story inside of me, seek tales from countries where I go and from people who I meet. Stories about our existence, finding our way in a world, seeking of inner and outer peace…

This way it started – A dream and a journey through nine countries. From Helsinki to the Red Centre, to the Uluru. For almost two years I sat countless hours on trains, busses, taxis, motorbikes and spend some months on a decks of sailing boats. I collected stories and I dreamed. So it goes.

All that time I wrote story letters and blog posts. You are still able to hear some of those stories in my performances and the blog is archived and still online – from there you can follow my dream and the path that I once walked.

Online journal: (written in my broken English)

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