I’m So Here PART III

Story Sharing Universum presents:

I’m So Here part III   – A crazy and diverse performance about identity

15 – 20 February, Theatre House Universum, Helsinki 

 In this strange place I ended up in… 

do I look the same? 

do I feel the same? 

do I think the same? 

do I act the same? 

is this still me?  

I´m So Here is a series of performances whose main themes are the individual and cultural identity from the perspective of the newcomer. How have I been received in the country and society where I moved or fled, and how has it affected me? What do I carry with me from my background and how do I and my identity change in the new culture and who then have I become? The texts of the performances are based on the life stories of the working group.

In this the third and last part of  I´m So Here we invite you to the Universum Theatre to experience a variety of stories and scenes like… The Iraqi Panther- Hunter meets the Finnish-Bolivian gringo… the best home-made Yugoslavian pop-music … the Bollywood diary… Pakistani street theater style agitation and many other inspiring and unlikely numbers in this heartwarming event. 

Performance language: English

Directed by Max Bremer, Markus Luukkonen and Åsa Nybo

Music director Salla Markkanen

Light design Tuomas Honkanen

Graphic design Juha Mustanoja

Stage tech and engineering: Sisu Nojonen and Aleksi Karjalainen 

The I´m So Here PART III crew:

Alaa Altamimi, Ahmed Fahady, Amjad Sher, Anthony Van Cleave, Diego James, Ekaterina Meriläinen, Maria Kramar Von Numers, Markus Luukkonen, Max Bremer, Namrata Sethi, Åsa Nybo