Helsinki International Storytelling Festival

A3_tuulentuomaaTuulen tuomaa                                                         – Helsinki International Storytelling Festival

23rd August 2014, Suomenlinna, Helsinki

Welcome to hear stories from the shores of the Baltic sea at the Tuulen tuomaa – International Storytelling Festival!

You will hear many different kinds of stories from great storytellers from the Nordic countries, Germany, Estonia and Finland:

Heidi Dahlsveen (Norway), Johan Theodorsson & Anders Peev (Sweden), Annemarie Krarup (Dennmark), Martin Ellrodt (Germany), Piret Päär (Estonia), Kassandra ry (Finland), Robin DeWan (USA), Markus Luukkonen, Eppel & Peppel and many others!

During the day it is possible to hear stories, music, take part in workshops and perform on the open stage. Some of the performances are for the whole family some only for adults.

The festival is held at the idyllic Suomenlinna fortress in Gallery Augusta, Cafe Jääkellari and in the atmospheric and mystical passageways and tunnels.

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