Story Jam – London


Thursday 2nd April 7.30pm                                                                                              Canvas and Cream, 18 London Road, Forest Hill, London


A directionless young man rakes the ashes in the fireplace and dreams away his days (while his parents tear their hair out in frustration). But one day, his future comes calling…Story Jam favourite Sarah Liisa Wilkinson tells a coming-of-age tale from Norway, full of lust and love, adventures in strange lands, and big fat smelly hairy trolls, all found on the way to Soria Moria Castle.


Heroes of these stories travel in the middle of the sea, in the middle of the forest – and in the middle of the love. The set of stories is a mix of folktales from Finland and it includes dreaming, more dreaming and some facts about reality. Markus Luukkonen is a storyteller from Finland. He tells stories in clubs, theatres and festivals. He is a founder of Finnish storytelling association Samova Storytelling.

PLUS the third instalment in our serial THE SLY THIEF OF VALENCIENNES. Joe Fraser takes us to the half-way point and things are really hotting up for our scheming trickster.

Canvas & Cream will be serving their mouth-watering food and drink – it’s enough to make you loosen your belts in anticipation. See you there!

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