Storytelling Arena III – Berlin

10861066_897657656952869_6181106743569514363_oSTORYTELLING ARENA III – WONDER WOMEN

March 27th at 8pm

DKT–Wassertum,                     Kopisch Strasse 7,            Kreuzberg, Berlin

Exit per donation (give as much or as little as you like)

Stories of fascinating, strong women, whose inspiring ideas are creating waves. Modern stories and timeless myths passed down the generations tell of women, who on a small or large scale have changed our world.

Told with power and poetry by professional storytellers Rachel Clarke, Janine Schweiger and Markus Luukkonen.

An OPEN MIKE for those audience members who wish to share a story rounds off this warm and sociable evening’s entertainment on a cold winter’s night. Audience of all ages welcome.

The Storytelling Arena is a brand new monthly Storytelling format – every last Friday of the month – in German and English, hosted by Berlin’s most Scottish storyteller, Rachel Clarke

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