Last week we were in a base camp in Gent (Belgium) and created the trio 3Troubadours. The trio and it’s perfromance “Mobile Dreams” will tour in Scandinavia from the 5th to 22th of August. The multilingual storytelling perfromance for adults combines folk tales, myths and personal stories with a pinch of magic, humour, poetry and song. (Languages: English, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch and Finglish)

3Troubadours is a collaboration between the performance storytellers Markus Luukkonen (FI), Tom van Outryve (BE) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO). https://www.facebook.com/3Troubadours

Personal webpages:                                                                    http://www.kloverknekten.no/en (Torgrim)                                                http://www.tomvout.be (Tom)                                                               http://tarinoidenmaailma.fi (Markus)


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