About Seven Hills


About Seven Hills – Noin seitsemän kukkulaa

About seven hills is a sketch of a city made by fine artist and storyteller. In this performance  city is constructed of perceptions, experiences, places, visual and auditory telling. Performance combines drawing, video projections and storytelling.

Working group: Markus Luukkonen & Anna Uschanov

Premiere: 17.1.2016

Pilot perfromance @ Natale Racconta Festival, Rome 

 17.1.Kahvila Koroinen, Koroistentie 2, Turku
 19.1. Teatteri Toivo, Telakkakatu 6, Helsinki
 29.1. Pitäjämäki, Helsinki
 30.1. Laajasalo, Helsinki
 6.2. Martin Kulttuuriolohuone, Stålarminkatu 3, Turku
 12.2. Raunistula, Turku
 13.2. Raunistula, Turku

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