Roots – A Work in Progress

Rootrs_WorkInProgress3Troubadours is a trio of performance storytellers from different countries: Tom Van Outryve (BE), Markus Luukkonen (FI) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO). In May 2015 they created and performed the show MOBILE DREAMS in Ghent. From then they have travelled all over Europe with that first creation to great acclaim from audiences.

The 18th of October 2018 they are returning to Ghent to perform a work in progress version of their upcoming show ROOTS! In the show all three performers have dug far back into their individual family histories, the legends of their cultures and even their own DNA to find forgotten tales and memories of who we are and where we come from. With their signature humour, energetic performance and deep sense of wonder, 3Troubadours will take you to places and times you’ve never been before.

The work in progress performance will be in English, spiced with the native tongues of the performers

ROOTS – a Work in Progress

Wasserij, Toekomstraat 38, Gent, Belgium

October 18th at 19:30

Thanks for supporting the development of ROOTS




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