Rest in Peace

Venus Theatre continues its series of trance mask performances with a new, participatory journey into other states of mind. Rest in Peace is a spiritual voyage of discovery, to explore rites, rituals and ceremonies, and to find ways to use them, in the mundane and the sacred, in the here, and in the hereafter.

Are you prepared to step into the past and the future, to let go of something you know and to pick up something new? Would you like to celebrate your divorce, or your children stepping out into the world? Maybe you would like to experience your own funeral?

The Masks are time travellers, healers, shamans, physicians, priests, therapists, masters of ceremony, confessors, mourners. They will lead us across to the other side, to an unknown future, or to an unfulfilled past. They are here to serve.

Rest in Peace is performed by Max Bremer, Paul Holländer, Sam Huber, Markus Luukkonen and Åsa Nybo. The masks have been crafted by Anna Uschanov, and the performance is visualized by Ada Halonen and Anttoni Halonen.

Rest in Peace is a mobile and multilingual performance.
Rest in Peace premieres on the 28th of September, and runs from 2. 10. through 2. 11. 2019.

There are few performances and the audience is strictly limited, so we recommend urgent action!


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