3Troubadours: Mobile Dreams


3Troubadours: Mobile Dreams

A poetic, funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of four languages (English, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three performers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal, all connected by the language of dreams.

3Troubadours is a trio of performance storytellers consisting of Tom van Outryve (BE), Markus Luukkonen (FI) and Torgrim Mellum Stene (NO)

Audience Comments:

“A lovely mix of different languages, dreams and emotions”
– Johan, Stockholm

“It’s always good to experience when artists are able to combine humour and seriousness, light and darkness and dare to show vulnerability”
– Mette, Oslo

“Great stories, great troubadours. I want more!”
– Mira, Finnskogen