Story Sharing 2016

Story Sharing Café @ Universum (Photo Andrea Brandt)Story Sharing 2016 aims to help people of different nationalities and cultures to meet each other through the activity of sharing stories from their lives. The project has two parts: the International Story Sharing Cafés which are open to the public and storytelling workshops for asylum seekers at reception centres.

The basis for the project is our belief in the power of stories as a tool for integration. Stories can help those who come to Finland from other countries and now look for their place in a new culture and environment. But they are not the only ones who need integration: also the Finns are curious about the people who come here but don’t necessarily have a chance to meet them.

Production by Universum ry, Under the Same Roof, Alba SuomiFinland ry and Samova ry, in cooperation with Sello library, Entresse library, Arbis, SPR, and with the support of City of Espoo, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, 7nde Mars Fonden, and Samuel Huber’s Art Foundation.

Would you like to know more about our project, or to book us for arranging a story sharing café or a storytelling workshop? You can contact us at or by phone 09-611003 (Mon-Fri 11 am – 3 pm).