Cloak of Air on Tour




22/9 Gävle City Library, Sweden

29/10–2/11 Svenska Nu  School tour, Helsinki 

21.11. Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki



Cloak of Air (Vindmantel – Ilman viitta)

In a distant time, in a distant place, a powerful magician gives birth. Already the first night, the child is bathed in water from a holy well and dressed in magic spells. But will that be enough to protect it from all the dangers lying in wait?

A dreamlike journey from the cradle to the grave and further still. Mikael Öberg and Markus Luukkonen reimagines the world of the Finnish epic Kalevala.

Language on this tour: Swedish & Finnish

Production: Fabula Storytelling


Vindmantel – Ilman viitta

Something new! (Premiere Autumn 2017)

Vindmantel – Ilman viitta

Storytellers: Mikael Öberg (Swe) & Markus Luukkonen (Fin)

Production: Fabula Storytelling

Stories from Kalevala


Stories from Kalevala
with Christine Cooper, Petra Poutanen, and Markus Luukkonen

23.3 at 6pm Arkadia International Bookshop, Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki

It’s midnight. The guts of Lemminkäinen are laid out, and a raven croaks at the back of the room. The ancient ritual of myth-telling is brought screaming into the 21st century by Christine and Petra with voices, instruments and strange machines…. Christine is a respected British storyteller, currently studying here at the Sibelius Academy. She tells the stories simply and directly, in English, evoking fragments of ancient runo-melody with her violin.. Petra is a musician without borders – she weaves dark, messy electronic sounds in and around the stories. This is Kalevala as you have never heard it before.

Free entrance – donations welcome!

Kalevala 180 Years



Väinämöinen and the Art of Archery

– Kalevala 180 years                        and some other yarns –

Storyteller Markus Luukkonen

Kalevala’s Day Februrary 28th

Theatre Ilmi Ö, Harjutori, Helsinki

Tickets 10€ / 6€



Elias Lönrot’s first edition of Kalevala was published 1835. That’s 180 years ago. As a storyteller I tell many kind of stories. I tell stories from my life, but the basis of my work is in folktales and myths. I feel gratitude for our ancestors who sang the songs, who told the tales. And I feel gratitude for Lönrot and old masters. Today, as a Finnish storyteller I want to respond to the call of Väinämöinen and Lönrot.

The performance in Kalevala’s Day is a part of my processs with Väinämöinen. In Helsinki stories will be told in Finnish. But during the year 2015 the process will continue and there will be performances in English. Let’s see what the year 2015 will bring for us.

I’ll be living in Berlin in Germany from March to end of June and I will travel a bit around “Central” Europe. So maybe we’ll meet one day. You, me and Väinämöinen.

Best Greetings,