Kalevala 180 Years



Väinämöinen and the Art of Archery

– Kalevala 180 years                        and some other yarns –

Storyteller Markus Luukkonen

Kalevala’s Day Februrary 28th

Theatre Ilmi Ö, Harjutori, Helsinki

Tickets 10€ / 6€



Elias Lönrot’s first edition of Kalevala was published 1835. That’s 180 years ago. As a storyteller I tell many kind of stories. I tell stories from my life, but the basis of my work is in folktales and myths. I feel gratitude for our ancestors who sang the songs, who told the tales. And I feel gratitude for Lönrot and old masters. Today, as a Finnish storyteller I want to respond to the call of Väinämöinen and Lönrot.

The performance in Kalevala’s Day is a part of my processs with Väinämöinen. In Helsinki stories will be told in Finnish. But during the year 2015 the process will continue and there will be performances in English. Let’s see what the year 2015 will bring for us.

I’ll be living in Berlin in Germany from March to end of June and I will travel a bit around “Central” Europe. So maybe we’ll meet one day. You, me and Väinämöinen.

Best Greetings,


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