Story Sharing Café @ Universum


International Story Sharing Café @ Universum
28.2 2016 16:00 / 4 PM
Theatre House Universum, Perämiehenkatu 13, Helsinki

Would you like to meet people who have come to Finland from near or afar and talk with them? Or meet the mysterious folk who call themselves Finns? Would you like to hear fascinating stories spiced up with melodies and rhythms from faraway countries?

If you do Welcome to the International Story Sharing Café! This is the first of a series of events, a new type of social gathering where sharing your own everyday stories and listening to others is made easy and fun! All you need is an open mind, and a hunger for stories and new people!

* Special storytelling guests:Alireza Momtaz, Maria Kramar von Numers, Markus Luukkonen
* Open mic – Grab the microphone and share your story!

Musicians of the evening: Kaj Olander & Leif Karlson

Hosts: Markus Luukkonen and Max Bremer

Free entrance but voluntary donations are welcome!
As our seats are limited, please book yours in advance before the 22nd of February:
tel. 09-611003 (Mon-Fri 11 am – 3 pm)

Production by Universum together with Under The Same Roof and Alba ry, in cooperation with Finnish Red Cross, Arbis, Samova ry and with the support of City of Helsinki Cultural Office and Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Story, Teller and Audience

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStory, Teller and Audience                                       – Storytelling as a Profession    

 Markus Luukkonen                                          Metroplia University of Applied Sciences Performing arts – Bachelor’s Thesis

For the reader: “Unfortunately this thesis is written only in Finnish – In english you can read the Abstract from below. Anyway I will continue my work as a storyteller and I will continue reseaching and doing experiments with the art of storytelling. And happily I’ll continue the conversation about the topic. What is this storytelling?”

You can read and download the thesis from here:


This Bachelor’s thesis examines storytelling and different ways of applying it. The focus is on the storyteller and how his or her role varies in different contexts. The thesis regards storytelling as a profession and examines the different elements of the storyteller’s work.

In this thesis, storytelling is divided into three different categories: campfire storytelling; performance storytelling; and applied storytelling. These categories are defined and discussed in the light of the author’s own experiences and written sources. Three different projects from the author’s previous career are focused on. These projects are Erämaateatteri (Wilderness Theatre) – a theatre group that mixes music, visual art and storytelling; Shaibalaiba! – Story Café – a story club organized in Helsinki; and the Taide kotouttaa project (a project titled Art Integrates) – an applied storytelling project that included performances and workshops.

The first part of the thesis briefly introduces the history and definition of storytelling. This part is followed by an introduction to and discussion of the basic parts of storytelling, namely: the story, the teller and the audience. The last part of the thesis discusses the storyteller’s work and his or her relationship with the story, themselves and the audience. The first part of the thesis relies mostly on written sources, while the second part focuses more on the author’s own experiences.

Kalevala 180 Years



Väinämöinen and the Art of Archery

– Kalevala 180 years                        and some other yarns –

Storyteller Markus Luukkonen

Kalevala’s Day Februrary 28th

Theatre Ilmi Ö, Harjutori, Helsinki

Tickets 10€ / 6€



Elias Lönrot’s first edition of Kalevala was published 1835. That’s 180 years ago. As a storyteller I tell many kind of stories. I tell stories from my life, but the basis of my work is in folktales and myths. I feel gratitude for our ancestors who sang the songs, who told the tales. And I feel gratitude for Lönrot and old masters. Today, as a Finnish storyteller I want to respond to the call of Väinämöinen and Lönrot.

The performance in Kalevala’s Day is a part of my processs with Väinämöinen. In Helsinki stories will be told in Finnish. But during the year 2015 the process will continue and there will be performances in English. Let’s see what the year 2015 will bring for us.

I’ll be living in Berlin in Germany from March to end of June and I will travel a bit around “Central” Europe. So maybe we’ll meet one day. You, me and Väinämöinen.

Best Greetings,


Valentine’s Day


Love Stories on Valentine’s Day

14.2. klo 18-21 Kulttuurikammari

Kaarlenkatu 15, Helsinki

Story lovers gather at Kulttuurikammari on Valentine’s Day! The theme, too, is love, in all its many meanings.

We encourage you to share with us a true love story, maybe your own! Songs and instrumental music are also very welcome.

The event is inspired by the Tree of Life storytelling symposium 2014, and is open to all who like stories. You can also just come and listen. We offer a warm atmosphere, coffee, tea and romantic pastry.

Admission: 5 euros.

Organised by Alba SuomiFinland

Shaibalaiba! – Special

shaibajulkka20Shaibalaiba! – Story Café – Special                             – Stories in English – February 5th at 6pm
Arkadia International Bookshop            Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki 

Margherita Zilliacus, Janna Ruusuvuori                  and Nathaniel Davis

Host: Markus Luukkonen

Open Stage – Come and tell your Story

Free entrance – Donations are welcome!

Welcome to Shaibalaiba! Story Café, a cosy gathering around stories. Customarily there are some invited storytellers who share their stories and an open stage for anyone who has a story to tell.

At Arkadia International Bookshop on 5th February the concept will be the same, except that this time Shaibalaiba! goes international: the stories will be in English! The more the merrier, so come to enjoy the magic of stories and bring your friends too!

More info: info.samovary(at) / 050-5412077

Organised by Samova Storytelling:

Shaibalaiba! – Story Cafe Special

shaibajulkka18Shaibalaiba! – Story Café – Special – Stories in English
Arkadia International Bookshop Nervanderinkatu 11, Helsinki

Markus Luukkonen, Maria Serrano and Paulo De Tarso Silva

Musician guest
Carla-Rose Häkkinen

Open Stage – Come and tell your Story

Free entrance – Donations are welcome!

Welcome to Shaibalaiba! Story Café, a cosy gathering around stories. Customarily there are some invited storytellers who share their stories, musician guests and an open stage for anyone who has a story to tell.

More info: info.samovary/at) / 050-5412077

Jutupühad – Festival in Tallinn

Storytelling Festival in Tallinn, Estonia – 2.-7. November


Piret Päär (Estonia), Martin Ellrodt (Germany),                                                                 Markus Luukkonen (Finland) and Tóth Kriszta (Hungary)

5th November at 6pm Jutuõhtu Kirjanike Majas – Estonian Writers House                             Storytellers: Markus Luukkonen & Martin Ellrodt 

kava saatmiseks