Story Sharing Café @ Universum


International Story Sharing Café @ Universum
28.2 2016 16:00 / 4 PM
Theatre House Universum, Perämiehenkatu 13, Helsinki

Would you like to meet people who have come to Finland from near or afar and talk with them? Or meet the mysterious folk who call themselves Finns? Would you like to hear fascinating stories spiced up with melodies and rhythms from faraway countries?

If you do Welcome to the International Story Sharing Café! This is the first of a series of events, a new type of social gathering where sharing your own everyday stories and listening to others is made easy and fun! All you need is an open mind, and a hunger for stories and new people!

* Special storytelling guests:Alireza Momtaz, Maria Kramar von Numers, Markus Luukkonen
* Open mic – Grab the microphone and share your story!

Musicians of the evening: Kaj Olander & Leif Karlson

Hosts: Markus Luukkonen and Max Bremer

Free entrance but voluntary donations are welcome!
As our seats are limited, please book yours in advance before the 22nd of February:
tel. 09-611003 (Mon-Fri 11 am – 3 pm)

Production by Universum together with Under The Same Roof and Alba ry, in cooperation with Finnish Red Cross, Arbis, Samova ry and with the support of City of Helsinki Cultural Office and Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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